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Este vídeo y la canción nos sirve para trabajar en el aula de inglés las horas, el presente simple y vocabulario.
A continuación propongo ejercicios con esta canción:

Complete the song and underline the correct option when necessary.


It’s our vacation. 
Party time! 
That’s right, say it loud. 
Time of our lives. Anticipation. 
School’s out. Scream and shout. 

Finally winter/summer’s here. 
Good to be chillin’ out. 
I’m off the _________. The pressure’s off. 
Now my/your girl’s what it’s all about. 

Ready for some sunshine. 
For my heart to take a chance. 
I’m here to stay, and I’m moving away. 
Ready for a summer/spring romance. 

[Troy & Gabriella] 
Everybody ready, going crazy, yeah we’re out. 
Come on and let me hear you say it now. Right now. 


Play by the rules. 
No summer/autumn school. 
I’m free to shop til I drop. 

It’s an education vacation. 

[Ryan & Sharpay] 
And the party never has to stop. 

We’ve got things to do. 
We’ll see you soon. 

And we’re really gonna miss you all. 

___________ to you and _____. 

And you and you. 

[Ryan & Sharpay] 
Bye bye til next fall/autumn! 

[Ryan & Sharpay] 
Everybody ready, going crazy, yeah we’re out. 
Come on and let me/him here it now. Right now. 


[Troy & Gabriella] 
No more waking up at 6 AM/7AM. 
Cuz now our time is all our own. 

[Ryan & Sharpay] 
Enough already. We’re waiting. 
Come on, let’s go. 

Go out of control! 


School pride. Let’s show it. 
We’re champions, and we know it. 
Wildcats! We ______ the best!
Red, white, and gold. 

When it’s time to win, we do it. 
We’re number _____. We proved it. 

Let’s live it up. Get the party down. 
That’s what the spring/summer’s all about. 


Summertime is finally here. 

Let’s celebrate. 

[Troy & Gabriella] 
Wanna hear you loud and clear now. 

School’s out. 

[Chad & Taylor] 
We can sleep/sing as late as we want to...

It’s ______ time! 

[Ryan & Sharpay] 
Now we can do whatever we wanna do. 

It’s summertime. 

We’re lovin' it. 
Come on and sing it loud now! 

It’s party time. 

Let’s go have the time of our lives.

Answer these questions:

a)     In which season are they?
b)    Which is the difference between fall and autumn? Do you know it? Can you write the season in English.
c)     Find the possessive pronouns in the lyrics.
d)    Do you know the title of this song? Imagine it.
Now, watch the video (x2) of the song and complete the sentences with the correct preposition:

1.     The blackboards are _______________________the students.
2.     The red bag is _______________Troy.
3.     In the second 32, a boy jumps ________________the table.
4.     In the second 38, Gabriella is sat _____________the table.
5.     When Gabriella and Troy are singing alone, all the students are ________them.

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